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February, 2023

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Our electon will be a mail ballot electon. Our ballots will be mailed out on February 23rd.

They will be due back to the NLRB office by March 23rd by 3:00 pm.

Due date to request a replacement ballot is March 9th. Call the National Labor Relations Board at 503-326-3085. 

A couple of things to remember:

  • You need to put a stamp on your envelope.
  • Do not mark your ballot in any way besides indicating your vote.

The ballots are due back to the NLRB office in Portland by 3/23/23 ar 3pm, NOT postmarked!

As always, please reach out with questions!



Septmber 14, 2022

NLRB Hearing Proceedings Complete!

We are finally done with the hearing proceedings! We are excited to reach this milestone and be one major step closer to our election. 
Today, we met for the fourth day of our NLRB hearing. As expected, St. Charles’ administration spent the day calling multiple witnesses and tirelessly interviewing them. This is a delay tactic. They want to bog the NLRB down with many pages of testimony and evidence in order to try to delay the timeline and convolute the issue around who are eligible union members. Today alone, there were roughly 220 pages of testimony - we estimate 800 to 1,000 pages throughout all of the hearing days.
Central Oregon Providers Network’s stance has stayed the same since the beginning. We want and believe everyone should be able to be represented. We believe in a democratic right to have everyone's voice heard. This is why we keep advocating for the most inclusive unit and quickest vote possible. In fact, today we agreed to expedite our timeline in order to get a quicker election date.

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August 1, 2022

St. Charles Medical Center Doctors and Other Providers Re-file Petition with NLRB for Union Recognition

BEND, Ore.—The Central Oregon Providers Network, representing about 300 St. Charles Medical Group physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other healthcare workers re-filed their petition today with the National Labor Relations Board for union representation, a re-do after hospital management stalled the process with unsubstantiated accusations.

The healthcare workers initially filed their petition on June 3, but St. Charles management alleged that some of the campaign’s original organizing team leaders were supervisors. The union disagreed but chose to re-start the process with a new card collection. The new petition for a union, like the previous one, would include all 300 providers.

“As providers, we know what services, staff and locations are needed to help our patients have equal access to healthcare services. Instead of listening to our concerns and ideas to improve the financial situation but not worsen patient care, hospital administrators laid off crucial staff. We need a union to participate in patient-care decisions,” said Debbie Rief-Adams, a St. Charles nurse practitioner. “Unfortunately, the hospital is throwing petty roadblocks in our way with the help of one of the country’s most expensive law firms—all during a financial crisis. When the administration makes it more difficult to take care of our patients, we will make our voices louder.”

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July 12, 2022

Central Oregon Providers Network on Resignation of St. Charles Health System President and CEO

Bend, Ore.—The following is a statement from the Central Oregon Providers Network, which represents 300 St. Charles Medical Center physicians and other advanced-practice providers who have filed for union representation, on the resignation of St. Charles’ President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Sluka:

“The Central Oregon Providers Network will work respectfully with whomever is leading St. Charles Medical Center. It is our fervent wish to have a collaborative relationship that includes the right to unionize and have a voice in patient care.

“St. Charles management has asked the National Labor Relations Board to dismiss COPN’s petition for a secret ballot election. We hope this position will change under a new president and CEO and will give COPN the right to hold this legitimate election.”

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July 8, 2022

We wanted to provide everyone with an update on the current state of our organizing efforts. The NLRB has postponed the hearing indefinitely because of accusations from St Charles in their response position paper to our petition. In their response, they made accusations of management persuasion. We are working with representatives from the NLRB to provide clarity to our circumstances and our position for collective bargaining. This is just another attempt from the St Charles Administration to hinder our ability to have a collective voice in the workplace. We will get past this bump and push forward so that we all have a voice in our workplace.


Central Oregon Providers Network have filed COPN's authorization cards with the NLRB for union representation.

What does this mean?

It means that the vast majority of our coworkers indicated they wanted to represented, so we filed for an election

What is next?

We will have to wait on the NLRB to set an election. We fully anticipate St Charles to try to slow this process down

More information

For more information look at our FAQ and Know Your Rights tabs. We will be emailing and posting regular updates. Please reach out with any questions!

Our Mission Statement

We, the members of the Central Oregon Providers Network, are uniting to achieve a common goal: To provide the highest quality care for our patients, our families, and our community. No one knows how to provide safe, high-quality healthcare better than our providers.

We are a team of medical professionals standing together with one voice in order to:

REPRESENT our front-line providers regarding patient care, clinical policies, quality improvement work, workflow management, and innovation of healthcare delivery

STABILIZE our contracting process in order to promote job security, better working conditions, and to reduce burnout for our high-quality providers in order to better serve the community of Central Oregon

ADVOCATE for the needs of our providers to have autonomy in their practices

PROTECT our members from siloed and inequitable decision making

PROMOTE a collaborative environment through common goals and responsible decision-making between our front-line providers and health system administrators in order to provide the best care possible for the population we serve

We are the majority, and we will be voting YES!

Who We Are

We are a union of the medical professionals that you trust for your care.

We are a union of 300 providers.

We cover Bend, La Pine, Madras, Prineville, Redmond, and Sisters.

We are Doctors, Physician Assistants, nurse practitioners, Social Workers, Perfusionists, Registered Nurses, Counselors, Therapists, and Certified Nurse-Midwives.

We are the ones that care for you and your family.

What Are Our Labor Rights?

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protects our right to join together to address working conditions with our coworkers without being disciplined or terminated and to file complaints when our rights are violated.

Learn more about your rights and what an employer can and cannot do.


Why are providers at St. Charles forming a union?

As providers, we are charged with providing quality patient care to members of our community. We take a lot of pride in our work and want to ensure the best patient care experience possible. 

In order to best advocate for our patients, we need to be able to have a meaningful voice at the table with the administration where our voice, input, and values are taken seriously. Issues like: safe staffing, equity in the workplace, recruiting and retaining quality providers, and the overall future direction of the services covered by St. Charles are just some of the reasons we are forming a union. 

By joining together as a union, we will gain the right to sit down at the table and negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the St. Charles administration. We are committed to having discussions that are in the best interests of patient care and pushing the administration to make fiscally responsible decisions that will help to ensure our healthcare mission is fulfilled to its greatest potential.

Read the full FAQs.