NLRB Hearing Proceedings Complete!

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We are finally done with the hearing proceedings! We are excited to reach this milestone and be one major step closer to our election. 
Today, we met for the fourth day of our NLRB hearing. As expected, St. Charles’ administration spent the day calling multiple witnesses and tirelessly interviewing them. This is a delay tactic. They want to bog the NLRB down with many pages of testimony and evidence in order to try to delay the timeline and convolute the issue around who are eligible union members. Today alone, there were roughly 220 pages of testimony - we estimate 800 to 1,000 pages throughout all of the hearing days.
Central Oregon Providers Network’s stance has stayed the same since the beginning. We want and believe everyone should be able to be represented. We believe in a democratic right to have everyone's voice heard. This is why we keep advocating for the most inclusive unit and quickest vote possible. In fact, today we agreed to expedite our timeline in order to get a quicker election date. 
St. Charles further delayed the vote again by asking for an extension for their closing briefs during today's hearing.  The NLRB agent tried to explain to St. Charles’ attorney that all of these delays cost the taxpayers. We also have to wonder how much it is costing St. Charles to continue paying these expensive union-busting consultants during a financial crisis. 
How far will St. Charles go to prevent us from having a meaningful voice?
Closing briefs are due by Sept. 28th. The NLRB will then review the briefs and issue a decision with a “direction of election.” As soon as we have more information about the timeline, we will let you know! We will keep you updated and informed as soon as more information comes in. 

As always, please reach out with any questions.
In solidarity,
Your COPN Organizing Committee

P.S. – If any of your colleagues have not been receiving these emails it’s probably because we don’t have a correct email address for them. Let us know and we will be sure to get it updated!